Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric™
Site Connect

When organizations move from on-premise networks to public cloud networks, often the initial transition phase, during which the two networks merge, proves difficult. Connecting to public cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle, and Microsoft Azure requires strong interconnection capabilities with secure, low-latency connections from branch offices and data centers.

Pureport’s Site Connect privately connects sites to cloud networks while removing security risks and inconsistent performance commonly associated with using the public internet for connectivity. Using Pureport’s Site Connect, organizations can securely transition to the cloud with future-proof technology.

The Pureport Advantage

Intelligent, Layer-3 Connectivity
Pureport’s Distributed Multicloud Router powers full-mesh, private backbone networks and establishes redundant BGP peering sessions with each connected edge router. All routes are automatically propagated to the Pureport Multicloud Transit Network, allowing new connections and on-site networks to be added and integrated without any changes to existing connections.

Built for outstanding performance, a network allows each connected endpoint (e.g., cloud environment, customer site, etc.) to communicate directly through Pureport’s Distributed Multicloud Router, without any network hairpins.
Equal-Cost Multi-Path Routing (ECMP)
Pureport supports end-to-end Equal Cost Multipathing (ECMP) for HA connections, allowing for traffic to be load-balanced across the primary and secondary gateways.
Broad Range of Supported Client Devices
Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric is the only on-demand cloud connectivity platform that allows private connections to the cloud providers without the need to purchase additional hardware. Users simply connect to Pureport’s platform with their existing on-premises equipment. Pureport supports the following:
  • Broad compatability with existing hardware investments
  • IKE v1 and v2
  • Route-based or policy-based tunnels
  • Multitude of encryption options
Intuitive, User Friendly Platform
Privately connect to the major cloud providers in minutes—no network engineering expertise required. Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric platform automatically manages and assigns VLANs, IP addresses, and BGP peering settings, and in many cases can automatically exchange these settings with the cloud provider via their API.
IP Conflict Resolution
Within Pureport’s Console, the Cloud-Grade NAT functionality can be enabled on any Cloud connection to help resolve IP address conflicts between existing cloud/site networks, or to restrict traffic flows between networks.
Fully redundant, 100% SLA
All of Pureport’s Cloud Connect Networks are created as highly-available connections. Each connection has two gateway containers across separate availability zones. Traffic will continue to flow, even if a failure occurs—such as a power outage, provider circuit loss, switch failure, engine failure, etc.—in one of the two zones.

To prove Pureport’s confidence in its platform, all HA Cloud connections are covered by our 100% SLA.
Adjust Bandwidth in Real-Time
Network bandwidth across cloud private connectivity can be changed at-will via the Pureport Management Console or our REST API. This capability allows users to pay only for the the bandwidth required to meeting their goals.
Save on Data Transfer Fees
Pureport charges based on allocated bandwidth per month, which allows organizations to pay for only what is needed. Pureport offers several pricing plans to meet customers’ needs including month-to-month contracts, as well as discounts for commitments of one year or more.

Pureport’s networks connect to the top cloud providers using private connections (e.g., AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect, etc.), which are billed at lower, per-GB egress rates. This is beneficial for workloads that include high amounts of data transfer between clouds and sites— the savings will add up quickly!

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